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What is ISL Pronto?

ISL Pronto is a live chat application that offers live support. You can start a remote desktop session from a live chat and take control of your customer’s desktop to offer support. We like to think of ISL Pronto as more than just a chat service. Its scalability of communication can lead you from a simple text chat to the rich media collaboration via voice, video, desktop sharing and much more.

How do I install ISL Pronto?

In order to use ISL Pronto, you need to have an active ISL Online account. If you do not have an ISL Online account yet, you can register for a free trial. You will then need to create usernames for your supporters, modify your web page, upload images and then install ISL Pronto client on supporters' machines.

Please refer to Set up ISL Pronto in the ISL Pronto manual for step-by-step instructions.

How do I start a remote desktop session within ISL Pronto?

There is an option in the ISL Pronto client's toolbar to start a remote desktop session. For additional information, please refer to ISL Pronto Remote Desktop

How can I enable polls after each chat so that we can measure customers' satisfaction with our supporters?

Server license users can add customer satisfaction polls and get results through HTTP events or XMLMSG - please refer to this integration topic in the ISL Pronto manual for more information: Customer Satisfaction Polls.

How do I invite another supporter(s) into chat?

You can invite any supporter, regardless of the physical location, with "Invite user" option at the top left of the ISL Pronto GUI.  

You can also invite any additional client by sending the invitation link with the same feature. That link can be sent to the person by e-mail or published somewhere. The invited person will enter the chat by following the link through the browser.

For more information on canned responses, please refer to Invite to Chat in the ISL Pronto manual.

How do I use canned responses?

Responses can be created by supporters and are accessible when a supporter is typing via multiple word search feature and/or by unique id, defined by the creator of the response.

For more information on canned responses, please refer to Canned Responses in the ISL Pronto manual.

Can I customize ISL Pronto chat window with our company logo and supporters' pictures?

To change public information for each supporter, please go to ISL Pronto client, click Settings, select the appropriate connection, then select Public information. You will see options to set supporter's name, e-mail address and to specify a link to the supporter's photo. You need to upload the photo to your web page and then put a link in the "Link to photo" section.

Your company logo is defined through the islpronto-logo.jpg file.

To customize the chat window, please refer to Customizing the Web Chat Layout in the ISL Pronto manual.

Please refer to the Customization topic in the ISL Pronto manual for detailed information.

How do I enable audio communication?

To enable audio, a supporter should establish an ISL Light session directly from the ISL Pronto client, and start an audio session through ISL Light.

You can also use the phone call feature. Please refer to the Phone Call topic in the ISL Pronto manual for detailed information.

 Is it possible to split the operator into user groups?

With the help of filters you are able to setup two (or more) groups of supporters. For example, group 1 (filter sales) represents sales supporters and group 2 (filter tech) represents technical supporters. You can then put two chat live buttons on your webpage, one for sales and the other for technical support. 

Please refer to this topic in the manual: Using Filters

How can I see history of private chats I have with my colleagues.

Simply click on the “options” box in the Chat History view and select “Show Private Chats”.

How can I have a private chat with another supporter without the client seeing what is being said?

Click  “Comments” button next to the area you type text. Once you click on this button you will see a // sign before the text you type. This indicates that the message is private and will only be sent to your colleague who is answering the clients question. Also you can chat back to colleague using the // sign before you send messages. Your client will not be able to see what is being said. To start chatting to the client again you just need to press the comment button and // will be removed from the start of any reply

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