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This section describes how to add and configure a customer satisfactions poll. This poll is presented to your users, after they finish their chat with the operator. Customer satisfaction poll can be set up as a simple web page (HTML). Please follow these steps to create an example poll:

  1. In web administration navigate to User management -> Domain settings -> ISL Pronto.
  2. Set the Open link when client closes chat to: /users/custom/poll.html (alternatively: you can set the link in Customization).
  3. Upload the file custom_raw_content_poll.html into File storage -> Private. 
  4. Upload the file custom_raw_content_poll_ok.html into File storage -> Private. 

    Note: File names can be different, but their structure is very important. You can only change the very last part of the file name: e.g.: custom_raw_content_<poll file name>. If you for example uploaded file named custom_raw_content_mypoll.html, than you should set the Open link when client closes chat: /users/custom/mypoll.html

Users will be redirected to the poll, when they click the "End Chat" button. When users submit the poll, they will be redirected either to redirect or redirectOnError link defined in the custom_raw_content_poll.html html document (see the next section).

Submitting the data to ISL Pronto chat

When the user clicks Submit, the poll results will be sent to the chat object in the database. Description of the keys:

  1. redirect: redirect to this link, when the poll is successfully submitted
  2. redirectOnError: redirect to this link, when the poll failed to submit (this might happen if the id or token is incorrect)
  3. token: security token to prevent multiple submissions of the poll
  4. id: unique chat id (from CGI parameter CHAT_HTTP_ID)
  5. MSGDATA_<KEY>: the poll result data

Poll results

Poll results can be accessed by two methods:

  1. HTTP event MESSAGE (see HTTP events), all the data is submitted with MSGDATA_<KEY>=<DATA>
  2. XMLMSG key messages (see Querying chat history)

Display poll results in your ISL Pronto Reports

You can also view the poll results in the ISL Pronto Reports. 

You can configure: 

  • which fields are visible in the report 
  • and under which names they are going to appear in the ISL Pronto Report

To configure this follow these steps.

  1. In web administration navigate to User management -> Domain settings -> ISL Pronto.
  2. In the Reports message field list, list all the fields you wish to make available in your report.  For example: Let's say your field name from the custom_raw_content_mypoll.html are called MSGDATA_satisfied and MSGDATA_comment. In this case you would list is: satisfied, comment 
  3. If you also wish to expose the time of poll submission add start key word to your Reports message field list (E.g satisfied, comment, start). 
  4. Next you can configure the names under which this fields are going to appear in the report. Set the Reports message field titles (f1=Title1&f2_<lang>=Title2) field to desired values e.g:. satisfied=Satisfied&comment=Comments&start=Start Time
  5. To check the configuration, log into your account. Navigate to Reports and select Live Chat. 
  6. Press the  button to select, which session fields should be displayed for each session. You should see Poll Fields section where you can check poll fields you wish to see.


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