How to Start


Please follow the steps below to begin using ISL Player.

Step 1

Download and start ISL Player from the following link: or from the following website:

Step 2

Run the ISL Player executable file.

Step 3

Click "Open a recording" to begin. The export procedure is described in the topic: Export the recording. You can also install ISL Player for further use by clicking the "Install me button...". Installation process is described in the topic: How to Install.

Note: You do not need an ISL Online account to use ISL Player - this means that anyone can start it and view session recordings, e.g. a sysadmin who received an .isr file and wants to review actions that have been recorded in a session on a specific machine.

Note: Quick Start dialog box can be toggled of, meaning it won't be displayed when you start ISL Player. You can then search for a recording under "File > Open" as described in the chapter: Export the recording

Note: In the following chapters which describe the functionality of ISL Player:

Example screenshots are taken from ISL Player for Windows operating system, as the interface is standardized across all operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux) with ISL Player 4.0.0.. Chapters are however split into subsections dealing with each individual operating system, where that is necessary, namely How to Install and How to Uninstall chapters.

Please continue to the following topic: Export the recording

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