Add Remote Computer


Add Remote Computer

Note: To connect to a remote computer you first need to send an invitation link to it. Once the installation is run on the remote computer it will be added to the list of accessible devices. 

Step 1

Click on the "Add Remote Computer"  button.

Step 2

Type in the email address of the computer you wish to send the link to and click "Send" button.

Note: Additionally you can copy the 12-digit code highlighted in green and use it to add a remote computer by following the Add Computer Using 12-digit code topic.

Step 3 (Remote User)

Click "Invitation Link" from your email inbox.

Step 4 (Remote User)

Click "Run" button in security warning window to open ISL AlwaysOn.

Step 5 (Remote User)

Click "Next" button.

Step 6 (Remote User)

Click "Finish" button.

Step 7 (Remote User)

Set up Access Password and click "Grant Access" button. Computer is now accessible via ISL AlwaysOn.

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