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The Access Password features allows you to configure different passwords and administrative rights of ISL AlwaysOn for different users.

When connecting to remote computer, you can use next password types:

  • Global Password is an access password which is defined during installation, and can be used to connect to remote computer by any user/connection.
  • Password for this connection / remote user password can be set manually in the ISL AlwaysOn settings, each user/connection can have a separate password.
  • One Time Password(s) can be set manually in the ISL AlwaysOn settings. A generated list of one-time passwords which can be used only once to connect to remote computer.

Note: By default the ISL AlwaysOn settings are NOT locked. To lock the ISL AlwaysOn settings (and make it only accessible by the global password), the user needs to enable that particular setting - Protect computer configuration with global password. This way (not admin) users who will use "Password for this connection / remote user password" can NOT change ISL AlwaysOn settings. 

Global Password

To change "Global Password", follow these steps. 

Step 1

To set a global password click on "Change Password" button.

Step 2

Type the new password you want to use for this computer then click "OK" to confirm.

The new "Global password" is now changed.

Password for this connection /  remote user password

To change "Password for this connection /  remote user password", follow these steps. 

Step 1

To set a "Password for this connection / remote user password", click on Remote User's icon on the right side of the row. Than click "Change Password" button.

Step 2

Check "This remote user password" and click "Change Password" button.

Step 3

Type new password and click "OK" button.

The new "Password for this connection / Remote user password" is now changed.

One Time Password(s)

If you wish for the user to have connect to remote computer for only the one occasion, please follow the steps bellow.

Step 1

Check the "One time password" checkbox. Click the "Generate Passwords" button.

Step 2

Click "Save to PDF". The file contains 50 generated one time passwords for this computer. 

Click the "Close" button once you save a copy of the One time passwords.

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