Sharing a Group


You can share a group with another user inside the same domain or another user on  ISL Conference Proxy server, giving them remote access to the computers inside the group. User will still require to know the access password in order to connect to the computers in your group.

Note: To learn more about groups and permissions please refer to the following article: Groups and user permissions.

Note - Self Hosted Users: With whom you can share the group depends on ISL Conference Proxy configuration, namely the following settings: "User can view list of domains on server", "User can view list of users in own domain" and "User can view list of users on server" as described in this topic: Users

Note - Hosted Users: You can share a group with other users in your domain.

To share a group and modify users' roles please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click the "Menu" button next to the group name and click "Share".

Step 2

Check the check-box on the left to share a group with a specific user and specify their role. They will see the new group when they log into ISL Light with their account.

Step 3

The computer group is now shared with new user. 

Once new user login with his own username and password, he will see the computer group.

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