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Note: When adding remote computer for the first time (adding remote computer) you will need to set an access password (Global Password) once the installation is complete.

However, in case you are sharing computer(s) with other user(s), you can set "Password for this connection" for each particular user. 

Read more about Access passwords

Please follow the steps to change global password or password for this connection.

Step 1

Click the "Action" button and "Change Password"

Step 2

Select which password you wish to change, you can select between:

  • Global password - Change the global (main) access password of the remote machine.
  • Password for this connection - Change the password used to connect to the remote machine for the current user only.

Enter the global password of the remote computer and a new password then click "Change" to confirm the change.

Step 3

Password has been set to a new password.

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