This chapter includes the following topics about basic customization of ISL Pronto:

Some customization options are accessible within the ISL Conference Proxy administration, as a part of a customization (customizations are accessible at Configuration - Advanced - Customize:

  • Chat window title (set the chat window title)
  • Link to template chat images (specify the location of the required images)
  • Chat background (set chat window's background color)
  • Custom messages (customize ISL Pronto messages for each language)

One way to use a customization for ISL Pronto is to set it as the default customization for the whole server or a specific domain - if you do this, it will be used automatically for all chats (private chats too). Please refer to the Conference Proxy points of interest chapter for more information. Please make sure that at least Chat window title and Link to template chat images fields are correctly set for that customization, otherwise images will not be shown on your web page.

Another way is to pass the desired customization to chat.js through the d=<domain>&c=<customization_name> parameter, e.g.d=default&c=mycustom.  If you choose this way, it will be used for all client chats, but private chats within the domain will use the domain/server default.

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