Conference Proxy points of interest


For reference purposes, this topic includes some ISL Pronto points of interest in the ISL Conference Proxy administration. Please refer to ISL Conference Proxy Manual for more information about ISL Conference Proxy administration.

Activity monitor - Servers

Information about your servers - you can restart, connect a server to grid, disconnect a server from grid.

Activity monitor - Clients

Shows connections to servers and concurrent usage statistics.

Activity monitor - System statistics

Shows system information and current usage statistics - e.g. cpu load, memory usage.

Activity monitor - Sessions - Active - ISL Pronto

Shows a list of active ISL Pronto sessions.

Configuration - General - HTTPT ports

Default values (80, 443, 7615) can be changed - e.g. if port 80 is already taken by the web server, remove it from the list and ISL Conference Proxy will not try to bind that port. If possible, please have a separate IP address for ISL Conference Proxy and all three ports available in order to allow most users to connect.

Configuration - General - Default domain for user authentication

Change the default domain from "default" to some other domain, e.g. "mycompany".

Configuration - General - Default program customization

Assign a certain customization as the default value - default is none.

Configuration - ISL Pronto

General ISL Pronto options.

"Open link for leave a message" - Set the mailto link for when "Leave a Message" is clicked on your website.

"Leave a message transcript e-mail" -  Set the default transcript for the e-mail when "Leave a Message" has been clicked.

User management

Used for managing domains and users. Please refer to the User management chapter for more information on user management.

Manage software - Licenses

Displays information about the currently installed license - most important entries are "Concurrent limit" and "Max release date".

Manage software - Online update

Offers an easy way to update your ISL Conference Proxy server and its components.

Manage software - Install ZIP

Used for manually updating ISL Conference Proxy in case it is not connected to the internet.

There is a chat test page available, you can use it for testing purposes, to quickly start a chat, see the list of available supporters, request a chat with a specific supporter etc. Use the following link (replace with your server's address and default with the domain you use for ISL Pronto): ttp://

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