Firewall Configuration


ISL Conference Proxy requires several TCP ports to operate properly - please refer to the following chapter for information on setting standard ISL Conference Proxy ports (80, 443 and 7615): Configuring the firewall.

Some additional ports need to be configured in order to use ISL GRID:

  • UDP port 53 (used for the DNS server)
  • TCP port 53 (used for the DNS server)
  • TCP port 7616 (used for communication between servers - ISL GRID members should be able to connect to each other using this port, e.g.:
server1 TCP/any -> server2 TCP/7616

server2 TCP/any -> server1 TCP/7616

For information on testing your basic firewall configuration (ports 80, 443, 7615), please refer to the following chapter: Testing the installation.

Having configured your firewall, please continue to the next step: Private Cloud Configuration.

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