Private Cloud Configuration


  1. Open ISL Conference Proxy administration on your first server and go to Configuration - GRID - Create.

Note: If you do not have the GRID submenu, then you have not yet uploaded the appropriate licence file to this server. GRID-related options in ISL Conference Proxy administration are shown only when a GRID licence file is used. Please make sure you complete all the required steps in this topic: Installation to the servers

  1. Set Unique server ID to 1.
  2. Enter server's public IP address.
  3. Click Create GRID.

To add servers to your Private Cloud, perform these steps for each of the remaining servers (total number of servers - 1):

  1. Set New server ID to 2 (then 3, 4 and so on, up to n where n is total number of servers).
  2. Enter that server's public IP address into the New server public address field.
  3. Set New server license file to that server's license file.
  4. Click Create GRID connection file.
  5. Click the link Download GRID connection file and download the file.
  6. Open ISL Conference Proxy administration on that server and go to Configuration - GRID - Connect.
  7. Choose the GRID connection file that you created and saved in the step 5 and click Connect to GRID.
  8. Restart ISL Conference Proxy on that server.

If you go to Activity monitor - Servers, you will see Yes in the column Connected for servers that are successfully connected.

Having connected your servers to Private Cloud, please continue to the next step: Configuring DNS settings.

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