Initial Checklist


This topic includes the initial checklist when planning to setup your server and useful links to help you get started with most common tasks.

User management

  • Will you manually create users on ICP or do you plan to integrate with an external authenticator?
  • You need to decide who will need to have access to the system, either to all four products or just a subset of products.
  • Will you group users into domains on ICP, allowing easier administration compared to a flat list of users, all in a single domain?
  • Will you need to limit the number of active sessions per user/per domain?
  • Will there be different customizations per user/per domain?

Remote support (ISL Light)

Use cases

How will you mainly use ISL Light? You can use one or more of the following methods:

  • access point (a customer visits your ICP web page and enters the provided session code - you can check this manual topic for more info about customizing that page: User web pages customization)
  • directly (a customer downloads ISL Light Client and enters the session code afterwards - you can check Starting products for direct ISL Light links)
  • integrate a connection box to your website (a customer enters a session code into the form on your website and runs the offered excutable - you can check this link for an example)
  • starting it from ISL Pronto (a supporter uses the remote desktop button in the ISL Pronto client toolbar to start ISL Light Desk, automatically generate a session code and push a connection link to the customer)


  • add a company logo to ISL Light
  • add command line arguments to ISL Light by default so that you start viewing and controlling customer's desktop as soon as you connect
  • customize the ISL Light executable name
  • customize the ISL Light program icon
  • customize the ISL Light window title
  • record ISL Light sessions automatically (e.g. on a network share which is mapped to a drive on your supporters' machines)
  • different permissions for different supporters, e.g. view only, no file transfer

Please check  the ISL Light manual for further details.

Remote Access (ISL AlwaysOn)

Use cases

How will you mainly use ISL AlwaysOn? You can use one or more of the following methods:

  • add the desired computers you control to your list (you login to your account, click add this computer and follow the installation wizard)
  • have other people add their computers to your list (you send a grant link to the customer by logging in to your account and clicking add remote computer)
  • deploy the ISL AlwaysOn installer to a number of machines in order to add them all to your list (you can check this link for more information)
  • prepare a master computer so that after cloning it the cloned computers will appear in your list (you need to follow a special procedure, check this link)


  • set connection passwords or one-time passwords (check this link for more information)
  • enable automatic session recording
  • enable email notifications

Please check  the ISL AlwaysOn manual for further details.

Live chat (ISL Pronto)

Use cases

How will you mainly use ISL Pronto? You can use one or more of the following methods:

  • support tool for your customers (customer to supporter chats)
  • enterprise instant messenger (supporter to supporter chats)


  • customize the live chat layout
  • customize the messages shown in the live chat
  • enable/disable the preview mode for customer to supporter chats
  • enable/disable the preview mode for supporter to supporter chats

Please check  the ISL Pronto manual for further details.

Web conference (ISL Groop)


How will you mainly use ISL Groop? There are different use cases and you should be aware of potential problems.

  • bandwidth requirements (check this link for some examples)
  • different roles and their specifics (a skilled meeting host who controls everything is very important in order to have a successful meeting - please check this link for more information)


  • customize the default layout (show or hide certain elements, change the window title etc.)
  • enable audio and/or video as soon as you join a meeting
  • set the default role for a meeting, specify who can start a meeting

Please check  the ISL Groop manual for further details.


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