Desktop Sharing


View Remote Desktop

Click "View Remote Desktop" item from desktop sharing drop down to view remote desktop.

Note: If you are connected to your own computer then viewing your own screen will cause it to be displayed as a nested image withing itself. You will be prompted to confirm this action.


Share my Screen

Step 1

Click "Share My Screen" item from desktop sharing drop down to share your screen.


Step 2

You are now sharing your screen.

Share particular screen region, application or monitor

You can also share only one monitor, application or particular region of your screen. Note: this feature is available from ISL Light version 4.3.2.

  • Step 1

By clicking on Share My Screen you will get a dialog. By clicking on Show button, you will share your entire screen. In order to share only a particular monitor, application or screen region, click on More Options.

  • Step 2

Click the Choose button.

  • Step 3

Select the screen region, application or monitor you wish to share with your client.

Stop Sharing

To stop desktop sharing, press on the "Stop Sharing" in Desktop Sharing dropdown menu.


Request Control

By default "Request Control" is disabled. The client needs to revoke control to disable mouse and keyboard to operator. Then operator can request control.


Transfer Session

ISL Light enables you to transfer ongoing session to another supporter if you need someone to replace you. You have two options to accomplish this:

From Session

Step 1

Go to "Transfer Session" option under "Screen Sharing", from there you can select how to send a transfer link to another supporter.


Step 2

If email option is selected, you can edit the body of the email and input the recipient.


Step 3

A message will appear notifying you that the session has been transferred.


From Dashboard

Step 1

Click "Dashboard" button in the left corner of ISL View Window.


Step 2

In dashboard under Sessions tab locate your ongoing session and click button under Action column for additional session options. Select the "Transfer" option to proceed.


Step 3

You will be prompted to enter an email of supporter to whom you wish to transfer the ongoing session. Once he clicks on the link and downloads ISL Light executable, he will have to log into his ISL Online which will give him full control of the session allowing him to continue supporting the client.


Pause Session

Step 1

Click "Pause Session" in Desktop Sharing drop down.


Step 2

Click the paused session to resume session.


Step 3

Click "Yes" to resume session.


End Session

Click "End Session" to end current session.

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