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With the implementation of a fast connection, a new option was added to the Desktop Sharing tab, enabling you to force the download of Client GUI, and giving you more control once the session starts.


If you select the option "Use default server settings, " it is up to the server or the person connecting to your computer to decide whether the Client GUI will be downloaded.

If you select the "Download client" option, you force the download of the Client GUI, which will give you more options when a remote user is controlling your computer but will increase the initial connection time. The additional options include a chat window (shown below) and inviting an operator.



Connection Box on the left and standard Client GUI on the right.

When you connect to a computer with ISL AlwaysOn, you as the operator and the client can drag & drop files into the Connection Box in the bottom right corner of the screenBy default, all dropped files are saved to the desktop.

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