The main purpose of these basic settings is to lead the user through the necessary procedures when performing the ISL Conference Proxy installation. The following sections are available here:

Administrator password

Allows you to change the administrator's password used to log into configuration pages of ISL Conference Proxy. Please change the default password as soon as possible.

E-mail setup

Allows you to set up mail servers and email addresses that will receive information about critical events, session invitations etc.

  • SMTP Server / Port (Specify SMTP server and port)
  • SMTP Connection Type (Select SMTP connection type STARTTLS / SSL/TLS / plaintext)
  • SMTP Authentication ( none / plaintext )
  • SMTP User / Password
  • Default from e-mail address (Supports the form email in the form of "Display Name" <>)
  • System e-mail goes to (System emails will be sent to this email)
  • Relay test e-mail address (Test relay for accounts separated by comma)

Note: When configuring the SMTP server be mindful of which SMTP connection type the server supports. Some servers which require authentication do not support SSL/TLS connection from the start (e.g. so you will have to use the STARTTLS and vice versa. If you are unable to send a test email contact our support or the mail server owner if you are not using your own.

Apart from sending a test e-mail, all e-mail settings are accessible in the General menu entry.

All other settings on this page are reachable from other menu entries and will be discussed at their respective locations (please refer to Licenses, Online update, User management).

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