This option provides an interface to install a license file. Below the interface you can find information about the currently installed license.

Note: When you purchase a new activation key for your server license and activate it within your ISL Online account, you should create a new Conference Proxy packet and upload the new license file to your server using this interface in order to use the newly purchased functionality.

The following information is available about the currently installed license:

  • License version (version of the license file)
  • Module (name of the module that this license file is for - currently there is a single license file for everything and this module is called ISL CONFERENCE PROXY)
  • Release Country (the name of the country the license is legal for)
  • Public address (addresses of the servers where this server license can operate - while there is no limit for changing the internal IP address, external IP address can be changed twice)
  • Not valid before (The date the license can be used from)
  • Not valid after (the date the license cannot be used after)
  • Max release date (represents the last date for upgrades - depends on your purchase date and additionally purchased ESS, if any)
  • License key (this is a unique ID that represents your purchased functionality)
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