Backup module approach (recommended)

We recommend using the functionality of the backup module to perform a server backup.

This approach does not involve stopping ISL Conference Proxy, so a backup can be created without system downtime.

Overview of the backup procedure:

  1. Enable your user to access backup pages (refer to Add permission to access backup pages).
  2. Create a backup (refer to Create new backup). You will see that it is possible to set a backup schedule, so that a backup gets created automatically, or decide to start the backup procedure manually (refer to Make backup).

If you need to restore a backup, refer to Restore backup.

File approach (legacy)

We strongly suggest using the recommended server backup approach mentioned above.

This legacy approach should only be used for special cases, such as backing up an old server which cannot be updated to a version where a backup module would be available.

Please note that this approach involves stopping ISL Conference Proxy, meaning that there will be some downtime.

Please follow the appropriate instructions, depending on your server's operating system.


  1. Stop ISL Conference Proxy service (run net stop confproxy)
  2. Backup installation directory (default location is C:\Program files\ISL Conference Proxy)
  3. Start ISL Conference Proxy service (run net start confproxy)


  1. Stop ISL Conference Proxy service (run confproxyctl stop as root)
  2. Backup installation directory /var/confproxy
  3. Start ISL Conference Proxy service (run confproxyctl start as root)
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