Create new backup


Follow the steps below to create a new backup of ISL Conference Proxy.

Step 1

In the backup pages click on "Create New Backup".

Step 2

Enter the name of the backup. 

Note: This field is mandatory. It must be shorter than 1024 characters and must be unique, meaning no two backups can have the same name.

Step 3

Select which server to backup, in case multiple servers are available.

Note: -1 means that the backup will be created for the server on which you are currently viewing the backup pages.

Step 4

Enter the path where the backup should be created. 

Important: Directory located at path specified must exist and islcp user must have read/write permission on this directory and all directories on this path. 

Note: This field is mandatory. Location must be shorter than 1024 characters.

Note: On Linux you have to change the owner of directory to islcp. Run command sudo chown islcp /icp-backup in your terminal.

Step 5

Select the hour, minute and day of the week for the backup to start automatically. If you leave it unchecked, you will still be able to start backup manually.

Step 6

Select what you want to backup, "Files", "Database" or both.

Step 7

Enter e-mail addresses that will get a notification when backup is finished. You can enter multiple addresses by separating them by a comma.

Step 8

Click "Create" to add the backup. You will be redirected to an overview dashboard where a new backup will be displayed.

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