This topic provides a description of administration interface's specific features.

To enter the ISL Conference Proxy administration, please follow these steps:

  1. Point your web browser to the following address: http://localhost:7615/conf (replace localhost with the appropriate IP address of your server if you are not accessing it locally).
  2. Login as user admin, password asd. (asd is the default password - if you changed it, please use the new password)

Note: Some entries described in this chapter might be missing in your installation, depending on the programs that are installed on your ISL Conference Proxy (e.g. if you do not have ISL Pronto installed, there will be no ISL Pronto entries in Configuration, User management etc.).

Note: Some settings within ISL Conference Proxy administration are specific for for a certain ISL Online product. Only short descriptions of those option will be provided here - please refer to that product's manual for installation instructions and more information.

Mark the adequate item(s) and perform an action

You check one or more checkboxes and then perform an action on the selected items.

Example: go to the Online update menu, switch from Default (automatic install) to Manual install, select a few plugins to be updated (check their checkboxes) and then press Apply changes.

Change options

You will notice that most of the options are greyed out and have a checked checkbox left of the option name. In order to change the default option, you first need to click (uncheck) the checkbox left of the option in order to enable changing it, then either select the desired value from the list or enter a number, address, filename etc. When you are done, click Save to save the changes.

Note: If you do not click Save, your changes are not saved.

Note: Whenever a setting is changed (not set to default value) it is highlighted in blue to distinguish it, until the settings are saved.

Local override

When you click the Local override link, it toggles an additional option. When you set the new option, it overrides the default setting for the current server. This is used in GRID environment, where you wish to set an option for a certain server only while keeping the default settings for all other servers. If you are not using GRID, then changing options with the Local override option has no effect.

Refresh the screen

When you press the Save button, all the changes are saved and the screen is refreshed.

If you wish to refresh the screen without saving changes, simply select the same menu entry on the left.

Next Steps:

Create Users

Starting Products

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