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In order to use ISL Online products with your ISL Conference Proxy, you need to create at least one user, since the admin user is only used for administration purposes.

Please follow these steps to add a user:

Step 1

Login to your ISL Conference Proxy administration (http://localhost:7615/conf).

Step 2

Go to "User management".

Step 3

Click "Create user".

Step 4

Enter the details (User name, password, password again, full name, e-mail, nickname) and click Create.

Note: If you leave the password blank, the user will not be able to login or use ISL Online products, e.g. obtain an ISL Light session code.

Step 5

Click "Save" button. You have now successfully created a new user and you can use that username and password for ISL Online products, e.g. for obtaining an ISL Light session code. For more information on user management, refer to the User Management chapter in the manual.

Note: ISL Conference Proxy administration provides access to a lot of configuration options, allowing you to customize it to your needs. Please refer to the Settings chapter in the manual for a detailed description of available options.

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