Command Line Arguments


You can provide command line parameters as part of customization, making them a a part of ISL Light, ISL Light Client or ISL AlwaysOn executable served by your ICP. 

ISL Light command line parameters:

ISL Light Client command line parameters:

ISL AlwaysOn command line parameters:

Please follow these steps to add command line arguments to a customization:

  1. Login to your ISL Conference Proxy administration (http://localhost:7615/conf).
  2. Go to Configuration - Advanced - Customize.
  3. Click Create new customization.   
    You can combine command line arguments customization with the company logo customization. If you have already created a customization with your company logo (by following the previous chapter - Adding a company logo), simply click on the customization name ("mycustom" for this example) and proceed to step 5.
  4. Change the customization name from the randomly generated string to something simpler - for this example, we shall use "mycustom".
  5. Check the Show expert settings checkbox.
  6. Scroll down to the appropriate Command line entry (please refer to the right column (Applies to) to see which versions of programs are affected by which setting). Search “ISL Light custom command line:” for ISL Light, and "Client custom command line:"  for ISL Light Client.
  7. Click Save at the bottom.

You have now created a customization with command line arguments and there are a few ways to use it - each way has its own benefits and usage cases. Please refer to the previous chapter (Adding a company logo) for instructions on how to use the created customization.

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