Connect via Website - My Account


Step 1

Click the "Log In" button at the top right corner of the ISL Online home page.


Step 2

Enter your email or username and password  than click the "Log In" button.

Note: If you have created an ISL Online domain in your ISL Online account, the username should be entered in a \\your-domain\username form (e.g. \\mycompany\john)

If you do not have your ISL Online products username yet, please refer to this topic: Sign Up


Step 3

Click on "Start New Session" button in Remote Support tab.


Step 4

Click "Run" button in security warning window to open ISL Light.


Step 5

ISL Light Desk opens with generated session code.

Tell the session code to your client (via telephone, e-mail, SMS etc.). The client should then enter the session into ISL Light Client and request connection. Please refer to this topic: Join as Customer. Once the client enters the code, you will both be connected into a session.

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