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View Remote Desktop

Follow these steps to view remote desktop.

Step 1

Enter your username and password  than click the "Log In" button.

To create account please refer to "Sign Up" topic.

Step 2

Once logged in press the "Start New Session" button, this will create an ISL Light session under your account and generate a session code.

Step 3

Click "Invite" button to open session invitation.

Note: You may also tell the session code to your client (via telephone, e-mail, SMS etc.). The client should then enter the session into ISL Light Client and request connection. Once the client enters the code, you will both be connected into a session.

Step 4

Enter customers email and click "Send" button.

Step 5

Customers email is displayed. Once customer runs the "email invitation" link you will be connected.

Quick Tip

Click on "Session Code" to open menu with session code options. You may copy and paste the URL to your client or use other options. The client should then run the link or enter the session into ISL Light Client and request connection. Than you will both be connected into a session.

When creating a new session, you have additional options available to you even before the client or remote computer connects to the session.

Share my Screen

Follow these steps to share your screen.

Step 1

Click "Options" from session dropdown menu.

Step 2

Select "Share My Screen" checkbox and click "close" button. When connected selected option will be executed.

Note: You may select "Chat" option. Once connected you may chat with your client. To share desktops you will need to click "Desktop Sharing" button.

Step 3

Once client has joined the session, you will be sharing your desktop with client.

Note:You may switch sharing of your desktop or of the remote desktop at anytime. Please refer to Desktop Sharing for more information.

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