Deleted data settings


Deleted data lifecycle settings control the behavior of "undelete" functionality of ISL Conference Proxy. Undelete allows certain information to be restored before it is deleted permanently. Information you delete is first marked for deletion, which in practice achieves the same effect as if the data was deleted - it is not accessible from ISL Conference Proxy or any of its modules. However until the undelete retention period runs out the deleted data can still be restored. The following settings are available:

  • Require successful NTP sync for delete (Require NTP sync to be successfull before deletion is executed.)
  • Keep deleted data available for undelete (1d 2h 3m 4s) (Specify the undelete retention period. Default value: 14 days)
  • Delete at once count (Specify how many records to be deleted simultaniously)
  • Delete interval in seconds (Specify the interval between two deletion calls)


If recent NTP sync has failed or NTP Client is disabled (Configuration -> Network time -> NTP Client -> Enable NTP client: No), upgrading to ISL Conference Proxy 4.4.1947.49 will throw error "ISL Conference Proxy: Cannot perform automatic deleted data lifecycle policy, NTP sync failed".

This error is triggered due to setting "Require successful NTP sync for delete", which is enabled by default. Undelete functionality requires successful NTP sync to function properly. In order to remove this error, investigate the reasons behind failed NTP sync (NTP update throttling, firewall blocking), consider enabling NTP client (if disabled in "Configuration -> Network time -> NTP Client -> Enable NTP client) or set "Require successful NTP sync for delete" setting to "No", when first two options are not viable. 

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