Basic Integration


Server licence users: The procedure for server licence differs from the procedure for hosted service users - please go to this topic for more information.


The recommended way of linking ISL Light and ISL Light Client is the following:

When a user clicks on the above links, the operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) is detected automatically and latest appropriate version of ISL Light / ISL Light Client is downloaded.


Remote Support Button for your Website

You can use Remote Support Button on your website to link directly to ISL Light from your webpage:

You can find more sample images in different languages here:

Note: If you wish to offer a different version of our software to your clients (e.g. older version, beta version, etc.) you are more than welcome to download the desired executable from:, make any desired changes to it and then publish it on your web page.

Note: Keep in mind that by hosting the executable on your server it will not be updated when we release new version of that software. You will have to download the new version from our website again in that case, if you want to offer it to your clients.

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