Multiple Monitors


If the remote computer has more than one monitor, additional buttons will appear in the toolbar.

Note:  Support for Multiple Monitors is available even when using ISL Light to tunnel a RDP connection. Please refer to this article: Create RDP/SSH session (Step 3).

Video Tutorial

Open Monitor in New Window

Step 1

Click "Multiple Window" icon.

Step 2

Each monitor has its own window. You may drag&drop application, files or folders across two windows.

To switch back to single window click the "Multiple Window" icon  or "All Monitors/Desktop" button.

Step 3

ISL Light is now back into single window mode.

Show Monitor 1

Click "Monitor 1" button from toolbar to set view region on monitor 1.


Show Monitor 2

Click "Monitor 2" button from toolbar to set view Region on monitor 2.


Show All Monitors

Click "All Monitor" button from toolbar to view both monitors at once in a single window.

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