Click "Chat" button from toolbar.

Note: "Chat" feature is NOT available when connecting from ISL Light to ISL AlwaysOn (Unattended Access). 

Note: If you receive a new chat the ISL Light icon will start flashing if the application is out of focus. A notification with the number of new chats will also be added next to the "Chat" button.


In the ISL Light chat, the following options are supported:

  • Single and multiple line text - The words are being wrapped at the end of the line and text is continued in a new line without being sent to the opposite side until the user presses "Return" key or  "Send text" button.
  • Insert links - Internet links can be inserted using a simple copy / paste operation. They are pushed to the opposite side when the text is sent.
  • Copy and clear - "right-click" on the chat area to clear the text history or copy it.
  • Open in text editor - "right-click" on the text area and select "Open with text editor option" to open the chat history with your default text editor.
  • History - The chat history is saved and can be viewed in the report option within your ISL Online account.

Server license users: The chat history procedure for server license differs from the procedure for hosted service users - please go to this topic (the "Send chat transcripts" option) for more information.



Some notifications are automatically displayed in the chat history window when a certain event happens or when a feature is (de)activated, e.g.:

  • Desktop viewing is requested.
  • Desktop viewing is started or stopped.
  • Desktop control is allowed or disabled.
  • The connection is lost or gained back.
  • Reconnecting.
  • Connection is inactive.
  • Desktop is switched to the administrative mode.
  • Etc.
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