Pushing Updates


ISL AlwaysOn 1.2.2 or newer includes a special option for enabling/disabling push updates - please refer to the following topic for more information: ISL AlwaysOn Basic Settings

To push an update to one or more computers that have push updates enabled, please login to your ISL Conference Proxy administration (at http://localhost:7615/conf, replace localhost with the appropriate address), go to Activity Monitor - Sessions - Active, select the ISL AlwaysOn tab. Then select the desired computers from the list that have push updates enabled (please note the Supports Upgrade column), click the Push Upgrade radio button, select the desired ISL AlwaysOn version from the list and click Execute.

Note: The value in the Supports Upgrade column for a specific computer gets updated only when a computer connects, so if you change the option, it will not be refreshed until the next time this computer connects. However, the functionality is enabled immediately - you can push an update immediately after enabling the option on a specific computer.

Tip: If you are using (or plan to use) a default customization, you can set the that customization's option Enable automatic updates to enabled and all ISL AlwaysOn installations will have the push updates enabled by default, making your administration tasks much easier. Please note that changing the option manually overrides the customization preference - if at some point you disable this option in the ISL AlwaysOn GUI, the setting from the customization will not be used any more and you will have to enable it manually.

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