ISL Groop


 What is ISL Groop?

ISL Groop is a software that is used for web conferencing and webinars. It makes collaborating on the web simple and productive by providing a quick, easy and effective way to share voice, video and data between attendees in different remote locations. All attendees have the possibility to see each other's computers.

How do I invite people into my meeting?

Please refer to the following topic in the manual: Create a Meeting.

How do I share a desktop in ISL Groop?

Please refer to the following topic in the manual: Adding Content.

How many people may participate in an ISL Groop meeting?

This question does not have a simple answer since it depends on many factors: computer capabilities, internet connection speed and geographical distribution of attendees receiving the audio, video and data stream. But the basic limit is based on our licensing policy: one active connection allows a conference with up to 10 participants. Holding a conference with more than 30 participants requires good leadership in order to prevent people from talking one over another.

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