Command Files


There are several files, that can be placed into ISL Conference Proxy installation directory, which are read when the service starts. If you wish for the command file to take effect, while the service is running, the service will need to be restarted.

dbrebuild - reread all database files and recreate indexes

enable_debuglog - enable debugging log

purge - create command files: purge_db, purge_objects_all, purge_messages, purge_bulk

purge_bulk - delete bulk files

purge_db - delete database

purge_messages - delete messages (HTTP events, mails)

purge_objects - delete file storage (except modules and upgrade)

purge_objects_all - delete file storage

reset_adminpwd - admin password will be reset to the default value

reset_ports - HTTPT ports and Bind IP settings will be reset to default values

setting_adminpwd - file contents will be used as admin password

setting_bindip - file contents will be used as the IP to be bound

setting_license - file contents will be used as a license

setting_manipulate_db_secret - file contents will be used as the manipulate database secret

setting_trustednet - file contents will be used as the setting for web administration allowed IP

postgresql_install - if you have installed ISL Conference Proxy Postgresql module, you can request installation of managed Postgresql on restart of ISL Conference Proxy by creating this file

dboptions - user can setup some options for controlling integrated DB behaviour



  • fast_file_init 
    It will enable faster GRID low bandwidth file init even for hhasher (default empty keys won't be transmitted to remote servers). The feature currently conflicts with ISL Groop module previous to 2.4.3 (index in table "timed_events"), some hhashes/files might be resent multiple times. This option is relevant only in GRID environments.
  • pg_serverhigh_index
    Additional index (server,high) will be created in data tables when using PostgreSQL backend. Operations involving snapshot sending in GRID will be faster. This option applies to Postgresql backend version 1 introduced in 3.5.0 (recheck needed).
  • pg_walsnp_connection_timeout
    How much time to wait for PostgreSQL to return cache block of file hashes. Default value is 500.
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