Default Installation Directory


This article covers the default installation directory and installation behavior when installing ISL Conference Proxy on different operating systems:


On Windows machines the default installation directory is:

C:\Program Files\ISL Conference Proxy


On Linux machines the behavior differs depending on the version of ISL Conference Proxy. With versions 4.4.1917.33 and above the default installation directory was changed from /var/confproxy to /opt/confproxy for better compliance with Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and systemd execution. 

This results in the possible 4 behaviors when installing ISL Conference Proxy on Linux machine:

  •  Clean installation of ICP 4.4.1917.33 and above: 
    • Installation directory: /opt/confproxy
  •  Clean installation of ICP 4.4.1837.102 and before: 
    • Installation directory: /var/confproxy
  • Upgrading ICP from version 4.4.1837.102 and before to a version 4.4.1917.33 and above:
    • Installation directory: /var/confproxy
    • If /var/confproxy directory exists at the time of installation it will be used to allow upgrades
  • Downgrading ICP from version 4.4.1917.33 and above to a version 4.4.1837.102 and before:
    • Installation directory: /opt/confproxy
    • Symlink  is created /var/confproxy -> /opt/confproxy
    • homedir for islcp user is set to /var/confproxy

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