ISL Online offers a solution and to facilitate the work of network administrators with maintaining the set of access rules on their network security solutions. Intermediary ISL Online forward proxy allows them to minimize their list of rules and keep its maintenance at lowest.
Connection options of ISL Online products allow you to define HTTP proxy and transport method, through which ISL Online products will connect on the way to our production servers.

ISL Light session with forward proxies from operator's and client's perspective.

For this purpose, we setup ISL Online forward proxies worldwide, allowing only traffic destined to ISL Online production servers (*.islonline.net) to pass through.

Network administrators can choose nearest ISL Online forward proxy, set ISL Online connection options and adjust firewall rules to allow traffic only in the direction of the selected ISL Online forward proxy.

List of ISL Online forward proxies:

DNS name Public IP/Port Location
prod-hs-fp-73.islonline-host.com USA, North Virginia
prod-hs-fp-74.islonline-host.com UK, London
prod-hs-fp-75.islonline-host.com S. Korea, Seoul
prod-hs-fp-76.islonline-host.com Brazil, Sao Paulo
Japan, Tokyo

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