Controlling the Server


This section describes how to start, stop or restart the ISL Conference Proxy service. Please refer to the appropriate section below based on your server's operating system.

This is the usual way of restarting ISL Conference Proxy:

  1. Open ISL Conference Proxy administration (http://localhost:7615/conf).
  2. Go to Activity monitor - Servers.
  3. You will be presented with a list of servers.

  1. Check the checkbox next to the desired server and click Restart selected to restart it.
  2. The server will respond with the following screen:

  1. Please wait a few seconds, then click on the Return to the session link. If the server has restarted in the meantime, you can already log into the ISL Conference Proxy and continue working. If the server has not yet restarted, please wait some more and try pressing the link "Return to the session" again. The server restart time varies from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Microsoft Windows

Open Administrative tools - Services, then right-click the XLAB ISL Conference Proxy entry and you will be presented with a menu where you can start, stop or restart this service.

Another way is to open the Command Prompt (Start - Run, enter cmd, press enter) and execute net start confproxy to start the service or net stop confproxy to stop it.


Execute the following commands on the server as root (to start, stop, restart server or print server status):

confproxyctl start

confproxyctl stop

confproxyctl restart

confproxyctl status
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