Session Recording


Note: Server side session recording requires ISL Conference Proxy 4.2 or higher.

ISL Light module now supports server side session recording.

Server side session recording is supported on ISL Light 4.0.2 or higher, any lower versions than this will show an error.

How to set up server side session recording

  1. Navigate to your ISL Conference Proxy configuration page
  2. Select "Storage" -> "Areas"
  3. Create a new storage area
  4. Define the name of the area, and the path to the location where you want the recordings to be saved. (Please ensure that ISL Conference Proxy has write permissions for that folder.)
  5. Save the storage area
  6. Select "Configuration" -> "ISL Light" (You can choose to select a specific user for the session recording by going to "User Management" -> User -> "ISL Light")
  7. Uncheck the setting "Recording session template"
  8. Define the template as how you would like your recordings to be named. (e.g. storage://light/ISLLight-{{timestamp}}.isr)
  9. Click "Save" in the bottom right hand corner.

Server side session recording is now set up!

Open up ISL Light (4.0.2 or higher) and start a session. Once the session has ended, you will find the recording in the path defined within the storage area.

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