Scheduled Access


Note: Server side session recording requires ISL Conference Proxy 4.4.2120.83+ or higher.

ISL AlwaysOn module now supports scheduled access in which remote computer(s) can be connected to. The Scheduled access is defined as days of the week or hours.

How to set up server side scheduled access

  1. Navigate to your ISL Conference Proxy configuration page (/conf).
  2. Click "User Management" from the side navigation.
  3. Click your "domain" (to limit all users to scheduled access) or only the particular "user" to limit per user.
  4. Click "ISL AlwaysOn" category from the horizontal navigation.
  5. Uncheck the "Scheduled Access" check box.
  6. Define the access into input field in UTC time standard following the format below:

The time schedule can be set for individual days of week (1=10:00-14:00, 4=15:00-17:00) or for a range of days (5-7=11:00-12:00). Please note that day 1 is Sunday and day 7 is Saturday. For each day, multiple schedules can be specified with different time ranges (00:00-23:59) in UTC time standard.

When the setting is in the wrong format, all new connections to remote computers will be rejected and an error log will be appended to the server log file.

  1. Click "Save" in the bottom right hand corner.

Scheduled access is now set up!

Open up ISL Light (4.XX or higher) and connect to a remote computer. Once the session is started it will check scheduled access setting specified by the the days of the week and times when the user is allowed to connect to ISL AlwaysOn computers. Outside of the schedule, new connections to remote computers will be rejected, however existing connections will remain active.

ISL Light alert box example

ISL Light > Computers > Connect > Show Alert Box when connecting outside of Scheduled hours

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