System Monitor


  • Enable GRID port checker (There is an option to enable an internal port checker service (checks ports 80, 443, 7615, 7616) for private cloud setups. It is disabled by default.)
  • GRID port checker run every (in seconds) (Set the interval for running port checker, default is 900s = 15 min.)
  • GRID port checker total timeout (in seconds) (In case at least one server fails to report success after the specified amount of time, an internal error will be triggered.)
  • GRID port checker try next server (in seconds) (In case the currently chosen server does not report success in the specified amount of time, port checker will move on and query the next server.)
  • GRID port checker connection timeout (in seconds) (Set the maximum time interval for the port check to run for each port. After that time, an error will be reported.)
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