Enable Screen Sharing (Legacy)


Follow the steps bellow to start sharing the screen of your iOS once you are connected to ISL Light session. Refer to the previous chapter: Join a session to learn how to join a session with your iOS device.

Important: You can start sharing your screen during ISL Light session even if you are connected as an operator (you are offering support using your iOS device) following the steps described bellow. Roles of supporter and client will be switched automatically and the ISL Light session will be reastablished with roles reversed. You will begin sharing the screen of your iOS device with the remote user.

Step 1

Open the Control Center on your iOS device by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Step 2

Click and hold the Screen Recording button for a couple of seconds to enter the settings.

Note: You have to add the Screen Recording button to the Control Center manually. To learn how to customize the Control Center please refer to the following page: 

Use and customize Control Center on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Step 3

Select ISL Light in the list of applications that can record your screen.

Step 4

Click "Start Broadcast" to begin streaming your screen.

Step 5

The remote user can now see the screen of your iOS device in real time. While your screen is being recorded the top bar of your iOS device is colored red.

Important: The screen sharing application will take over the session from the ISL Light application. When you stop the screen sharing the ISL Light session is terminated.

Important: If your iOS device enters sleep mode the ISL Light session will terminate.

Step 6

Click anywhere in the red bar at the top of your screen to open the Screen Broadcasting settings. Click "Stop" to stop sharing the screen of your iOS device with the remote user. This will terminate the ISL Light session as well.

Important: If the remote user ends the ISL Light session then Screen Broadcasting will still continue on your device and you will have to stop it manually.

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