Customization Settings


The Customization Settings tab gives an overview of customization options currently set for ISL Light. Customization options are displayed dynamically as they are obtained from ISL Conference Proxy. During a session the following settings are active:

  • Dashboard
    • Disable dashboard view
    • Remove sessions tab in dashboard view
    • Remove computers tab in dashboard view
    • Prohibit saving computer access password
    • Disable set unattended access menu option
    • Disable join session menu option
  • Login GUI
    • Remove "Remember me" from login screen
    • Remove "Forgot Password"
    • Remove "Sign Up Now"
    • Remove server selection
  • Invitation
    • Disable invite operator functionality
    • Disable session invitations via Email
    • Disable ability to copy session invite URL to clipboard
  • Session Information
    • Disable access to Edit dialog for session information
  • Session
    • Disable session transfer functionality
    • Show chat in read-only mode
  • Session Recording
    • Ask remote user for consent to allow session recording
    • Disable reboot option
  • Port Forwarding
    • Remove tcp tunnel menu items
  • Client Side
    • Preselect "Allow remote desktop control" on join screen
    • Display all session information while waiting for client to join a session
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