Download updates automatically, but let me choose whether to install them

Set the time interval after which ISL Light will check for updates upon starting. Default value is: Every day. You can also set it to check weekly, monthly or never (inadvisable - manual update required).

Choose default tab on dashboard

Lets you choose, which tab will be displayed by default, when ISL Light application is started. You can choose between 

  • Sessions 
  • Computers

Display initial session as

Decide how a session is displayed inside ISL Light application if only one session is in progress. You can choose between 

  • List 
  • Tile 

Default value is: List. You can also select the Tile options displaying the first session as a tile offering you a better overview. Once multiple sessions are established they are automatically displayed as a List to offer you an effective overview of all of them.

Close join session window once session is ended

ISL Light automatically closes after the session, in which you connected with the Join Session option, ends.

Choose language

Select the language for the ISL Light application and interface for all your sessions. Default value: local language.

Select render target

Manually select render target to be used, default value is Automatic. you can choose between:

  • Automatic
  • DirectX 9
  • DirectX 11
  • DirectX 11 (Warp)

Note: Change of this setting requires program restart.

Show session invitation window as session is started

If this option is checked, then an additional option to invite a client to a new session is displayed in the ISL Light application after a session is created, enabling you to immediately send your client an email with invitation link. Default value is: unchecked. New session is created in a new window, so even if you leave this option unchecked you will have an option to send your client an invitation from the session window or tell them the session code in any other way (over the phone, sms, etc.).

This is a default email template, you can edit it in any way you wish, just leave the invitation link as is, so that your client can connect to a session with a single click.

Show welcome tutorial on startup

If this option is selected, then helpful tips will be displayed once ISL Light is started, helping you to navigate and explaining the most important options and buttons. Default value is: unchecked.

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