Integration of Webhook Listener


ISL Conference Proxy (ICP) can be configured to send Webhooks aka. HTTP Events to any server. As such Webhook listener acts as a middleware between integration API and ISL Online webhooks notification service.

For successful communication between webhook listener and ISL Online Conference Proxy, a correct ACK message must be returned or else ICP will retry to send the same webhook message indefinitely.

Each event will be stored in a separate file in the target folder.

Proposed installation

Install Webhook listener as a service with automatic restart option on an internal server. Allow communication between ISL Online network (*, * and webhook listener via reverse web proxy. This way you will be sure, that webhook event was sent by trusted source.

Webhook listener will save HTTP event data to configured target folder (eventPath setting in config.json). We suggest you create a service, which will set a watchdog on newly created files in the folder.

Parse the content event type and decide if you need/want to act uppon the event or you want to ignore it.

 Event file format: serialized url encoded key value pairs.

If you are running a self hosted instance of ISL Online Conference Proxy, please check how to configure HTTP event notifications in Conference Proxy Manual.

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