Integrate ConnectBox into Your Web Page


ConnectBox is a simple form, which allows the client to enter the session code and click Connect. Then it automatically offers the latest appropriate version of ISL Online Program for download and automatically establishes the connection, when the client runs it.



You can find the ConnectBox on ISL Online join page. Here is a simple example how to include the ConnectBox to your webpage.


Video Tutorial



User Manual

Step 1

Download example zip file:


Step 2

Open "connectbox.html" in a text editor


Step 3

Copy dependencies from "head" element to your website's "head" element.


Step 4

Copy javascript code to your website's "script" element or in a separate javascript (*.js) file.


Step 5

Update the javascript code to target element where connectbox will be shown.


Step 6

Connectbox v2 will now be shown on your website.

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