This section will provide a few examples to give you some usage ideas and get you started. It assumes that you use the Command Prompt method - for other methods, please modify accordingly.


Start ISL Light Desk, automatically obtain a session code using username demo and password demo, as well as store the obtained session code to a file code.txt located in C:\Sessions (it will contain a session code and a session id):

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --get-code --username demo --password demo --output-file "C:\Sessions\code.txt"


Start ISL Light Desk and set the company logo that is stored in http://my-company-name.com/files/company-logo.bmp:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --on-load "main?logo=http://my-company-name.com/files/company-logo.bmp"


Start ISL Light Desk and position the main window in the top right corner, 150 pixels away from the right border and 50 pixels away from the top border:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --on-load pos=righttop(150,50)


Start ISL Light Desk and change the main window position on certain events - on load it is in the top left corner with (150, 50) offset, having obtained a session code it moves to the top right corner with (150, 50) offset, after establishing a connection with the client it moves to the bottom right corner with (150, 50) offset, after terminating a session it moves to the bottom left corner with (150, 50) offset:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --on-load pos=lefttop(150,50) --on-join pos=righttop(150,50) --on-connect pos=rightbottom(150,50) --on-disconnect pos=leftbottom(150,50)


Start ISL Light Desk and open URL http://www.isllight.com on load. After establishing a connection, open URL http://www.islonline.com:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --on-load "open_url=http://www.isllight.com" --on-connect "open_url=http://www.islonline.com"


Start ISL Light Desk and do not ask the user if he wants to view the remote desktop. Start ISL Light Client, start desktop sharing on connect, try to enable the administrative mode and restart and resume functionality:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --on-connect "desktop?view"
ISL_Light_Client.exe --on-connect "desktop?show&control&admin=restart"


Start ISL Light Desk and start transferring the file c:\transfer_me.txt on connect:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --on-connect "file_transfer?transfer=C:\Files\transfer_me.txt"


Start ISL Light Desk, open the dialog for obtaining a session code and automatically start recording to c:\recordings on connect - the user is unable to stop session recording once it is started:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --get-code --on-connect "recording?record=silent&location=C:\Recordings&allow_stop=false" 

Position ISL Light Desk in the bottom right automatically after connection to client:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --on-connect pos=rightbottom(150,50)

Automatically save a recording to "C:/Recordings" named as the user's username once a connection has been established:

ISL_Light_Desk.exe --on-connect "recording?record=silent&name=$[USERNAME]&location=C:\Recordings"

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