Troubleshooting on Linux


Note: Consult this topic if the ISL Pronto installation on your Linux machine does not start or complete correctly.

Note: If you still have troubles with ISL Pronto installation and none of the solutions bellow work for you, please contact our support team trough live chat at and they will help you resolve the issue.

Linux Fedora and Red Hat

Note: Installation of ISL Pronto on Fedora and Red hat distributions requires the presence of packages beesu and xdg-utils.

Step 1

Check if packages xdg-utils and beesu are installed on your machine. Use the rpm command to list the installed packages and search for beesu and xdg-utils as follows:

rpm -qa | grep xdg-utils
rpm -qa | grep beesu

Alternatively you can check for the existence of packages with yum package manager as follows:

yum list installed xdg-utils
yum list installed beesu

If the package is installed it will be listed. In the screenshot above you can see that xdg-utils package is installed already and beesu is not.

Step 2

Install any missing package from Step 1 using yum package manager as follows:

sudo yum install xdg-utils
sudo yum install beesu

Note: Administrative privileges are required for this step.

Installation not starting

Note: On some Linux distributions and certain versions the following error occurs during installation: 

Can't locate in @INC (you may need to install the SwitchToRoot module)

which prevents the installation from continuing. If you experience this error then you will have to log in as root user in order to install ISL Pronto. 

Note: The upcoming release of ISL Pronto  will redesign the installation and simplify it.

Step 1

Log in the terminal as the root user with:

sudo su

and enter the root password when prompted for it.

Step 2

Enter the following command in the Terminal window:

export PERL5LIB=/root/.islonline/Cache/ISL\ Pronto/1

to set the correct variable. 

Step 3

Run ISL Pronto from the command line with:


or run it by double clicking the executable file in the file explorer.

If the installation still does not proceed please contact out technical support trough live chat at

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