Install on Linux


Note: You have to create a domain and at least one user for it if you wish to complete the installation of ISL Pronto. Make sure you completed the steps described here: Create Domain and Users before proceeding with steps below.

Note: Installation in this chapter was performed on Linux Mint. You can follow this guide for any other Linux distribution you have installed on your system.

Step 1

Download ISL Pronto from

Step 2

Right-click the downloaded file and click "Extract here" to extract ISL Pronto executable.

Step 3

Double-click the ISL Pronto executable file to begin the installation.

Step 4

Enter the administrative password and click "Authenticate" to install ISL Pronto.

Step 5

Enter the information about the user and click "OK" to establish the connection.

Server: islpronto-*

Username: \\DOMAIN\username (where DOMAIN is the ISL Online Domain you created within your account and username is this operator's username)

Password: password (where password is supporter's password)

Step 7

The installation is complete. Wait for another operator or client to join and begin chatting with them.

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