Logo and colors


In order to add a company logo, please perform the following procedure:

  1. Prepare a file with your company logo - it should be in BMP format, 24-bit color depth, with image width up to 350 pixels and image height up to 80 pixels (350 x 80 is optimal and will not be scaled).
  2. Send an e-mail to support@islonline.com with the following format (do not forget to attach the file with the logo!):

 subject: Hosted service - add logo <your company name>

 body: Please add our company logo (attached) to our account <your ISL Online account e-mail>.

 attachment: <your company logo in the above mentioned format>

We shall create a new customization for you and reply to your e-mail with the instructions on how to use it as soon as possible.


Server licence users: The procedure for server licence differs from the procedure for hosted service users - please go to this topic for more information.

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