Record a Session


Session recording plugin records the contents of the chat history window and ISL View window. A recording is saved as an .isr file that can be opened and viewed using the ISL Player. Session recording can then be opened, viewed and then exported as an .avi media file by ISL Player, which can be downloaded here:

Note: For additional information about ISL Player, please refer to ISL Player manual.

Note: Session recording is now supported when viewing a screen of a mobile device as well.

Step 1

Click "Session Recording" button in the toolbar to record remote desktop


Step 2

Click "Select folder" once you choose location for recording file (.isr).


Step 3

Click "Session Recording" red button to stop recording the session. The recording will be stopped and saved to the previously selected location.


Step 4

At the end of the session, ISL Light will give the option to view the recording in ISL Player.

Step 5

ISL Player will be downloaded or opened if already installed to play .isr recording file.

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