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This topic describes how to log in to ISL Conference Proxy with your user account. From here you can manage your account, change settings and view reports.

Important: To log in as administrator and manage the settings of ISL Conference Proxy log in at https://<your_server_address>:7615/conf. To log in as one of the created users and manage your account follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click "Login" at https://<your_server_address>:7615

Step 2

Enter your account credentials and click "Login" to proceed.

Important: You can use either the email associated with your account or your username in order to log in. Username is normally accompanied with a domain so log in would look like this: \\domain\username, that is why email offers a friendly login alternative.

Step 3 (Optional)

Enter the verification code if the 2 Factor Authentication is enabled for your account. 2 Factor Authentication is described in detail here: 2-Step Verification.

Step 4

Navigate the four main tabs related to the four main features of ISL Conference Proxy: Remote Support, Remote Access, Live Chat and Web Conference. You can view and manage the ongoing sessions, meetings etc. from here.

Step 5

Click on your username in top right corner to access the account settings. 

You have the following four additional options available:


Under the Reports tab you can access the usage reports for ISL Light and ISL Pronto for your account.


Under the Profile tab you can access and change the basic properties of your account, such as your Full name and Nick Name, displayed to customers.


Under the Security tab you can change your password and enable/disable the 2-Step Verification for your account.

Note: If you enable the 2-Step Verification, then you will have to enter a freshly generated code with each login as additional security measure. 2 Factor Authentication is described in detail here: 2-Step Verification.


Under the Usage tab you can monitor the license usage for your account if one is assigned to it.

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