This option shows the list of everything that is installed on your ISL Conference Proxy.

Note: This list includes a lot of technical information, e.g. protocol versions, plugin interfaces, translation versions etc. Vast majority of users will only be interested in the name, platform, version and release date.

The list is divided into the following sections:

  • Modules (these represent Conference Proxy modules for ISL Online products as well as modules for internal use, e.g. System Monitor). You can find more information on functions of particular modules here.
  • Programs (these represent the programs that you can start using your Conference Proxy, e.g. ISL Light, ISL AlwaysOn etc.)
  • Plugins (these represent the plugins that the programs in the list above use - currently only ISL Light uses plugins)
  • Translation files (shows installed translation files)
  • Translations (shows more information about the translation files - per product/plugin)
Tags: isl conference proxy, settings, manage software, overview

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