Restore backup


Note: There is a known bug with version 4.4.1917.33 of ISL Conference Proxy where backup will fail to restore if version of the backup and current ICP are the same. In newer versions the backup is restored correctly, if you are experiencing issues please upgrade the ICP to a newer version or visit our support and we will provide you with a workaround.

Please follow the steps below to restore ISL Conference Proxy from an existing backup.

Step 1


Run ISL Conference Proxy installer and follow the installation wizard. When prompted, enter the path to the Backup folder (path specified when creating the backup).


  1. Download ISL Conference Proxy installer.
  2. Login as root and install ISL Conference Proxy:
sh ISL_Conference_Proxy_4_x_x_linux.bin restorebackup path_to_backup_folder (where 4.x.x is the version of the downloaded installation file, and path_to_backup_folder is folder where backups are saved, for example /icp-backup/)

Step 2

After installer has finished, login to your ISL Conference Proxy administration (<icp_server_address>/conf) and click on "Online update".

Step 3

Click on "Restore".

Step 4

Click on "Restart ISL Conference Proxy" to finish the restore procedure.

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