ISL Light 4.1.2 for UWP (2016-11-03)


General Information

On 3rd of November the following was released:

  • ISL Light Client 4.1.2 for UWP (build date=2016-10-26, Hash=41073f1b1af11c1d3cbe5c72a672f16dd38e5e28, Platform=UWP).

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS or Android

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS or Android


New features

ISL Light - Mobile UWP - Initial release of ISL Light for UWP (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4194] More


This version is the initial release of ISL Light Client for UWP ( Universal Windows Platform ). Users are now able to join a ISL Light session from their UWP device by typing in provided session code or by joining the session from website join link (URL Scheme).

The following features are unavailable in the initial release:
- File transfer
- Detailed remote information about UWP device
- Using whiteboard tools to annotate screen of UWP device

ISL Light - Mobile UWP - Desktop plugin for ISL Light UWP (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4195] More


ISL Light Client for UWP supports viewing and controlling UWP device screen. Controlling remote desktop from UWP device is currently not supported.

ISL Light - Mobile UWP - Implement sysinfo plugin (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-3957] More


When connecting to UWP device, users are able to obtain the basic information about the UWP device such as:
- CPU usage
- RAM usage
- Screen size
- Operating system version
- Storage usage
- Network usage

Detailed information about UWP device is currently not supported.

ISL Light - UWP Mobile - Implement URL Scheme (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4009] More


ISL Light Client for UWP supports URL Scheme. Users are able to join a session by clicking on join link on a website which will automatically open the ISL Light Client application and join the session.
The link must be provided in the following way:

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